The Loft - Series 5
Hi everyone !
We survived the rehersal, but only just.

Big thanks must go to the band for the night, A Slow Loris, who were ace, even after a janitor smashed a guitar !

Monday night's production meeting saw us watch the rehersal back and pick a few faults, but all in all, everyone did a fantastic effort.

We're all set for the 28th!! See you all there!
28th - Episode 1
What a great opening show ! Congratulations must go to Kim Hope - a fine start to the season.
Opening night jitters effected everyone - but that's what we call fun.

Skip Tracer were cool and so were the guests.

There was a minor panic after Matilda - the standup comedian - finished her routine 50 seconds too soon!
Cutting back to Kim was made harder by our makeup artist doing a 'touch-up'. She was a good sport
and dived out of the way!

There was still a little room for more audience members - don't be shy, come along and watch the show live
it's so different. You would wonder why you ever watched your tv !

A final hello must go to Amber - who snuck into the audience - Good Luck for the future Amber!

Until Next week - have fun!
4th - Episode 2
WAS IT HOT?? Hey, did someone forget to turn down the heating ???

What a hot night. I think that everyone was melting under those lights!
Labido in a bottle were a great little band, banged out some rather strangly named numbers, but the audience liked the sounds.
Adrian Calliear was great as the work-experiance co-host. John Barresi was a hoot. Why not go and see him and his show.
What about Kim's tram movie. It was short, but it was moving. Congratulations Kim on a cannes quality film. We'll all be voting for you !

Duff ! What's going on there? Someone let him out of the cage for the night, and look what happened ! He's gone and got himself his own comedy room ! Good luck Duff !

Ok kids, until next time, keep well and TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO WATCH THE LOFT TOO!!!
11th - Episode 3
Wow... After last week it was good to have a little cooler weather. Oh, a big Hi must go to all the audience that come into the studios and watch the show go live to air !.. If you haven't come in yet, why not??!! It's good fun.

Kerry Simpson was great.. What a cool person. I figured that there was blues music and that was it - gee was I wrong. Hope you get a chance to catch up with Kerry and her band sometime - they are worth going to see.

Happy Valentines Day

What a great ending to the show. Kim had a fan - Adrian come out of the audience to present her with a beautiful bunch of roses. Now that's a fan for you ! - Thanks Adrian that was cool !. I hope that cupid paid a visit to everyone's house on Sunday.
Kim has put together another of her award winning movies... Well actually it was roveing without Rove. Kim went out and about talking to people about valentines day.

Dave Callen was a champ. Although I must admit I have never seen a comedian do their bit with a sand-bag stuffed down their pants ! Kim was shoked during this routine. You should have seen the expression on her face... Why not come in at watch the show live. So many more things go on than you can imgine from what you see at home.

Ged ! What's going on with Ged?? Who would ever have though about making a pair of Jocks with a little condom pocket in the front. Thanks must go to Dy, from Kerrie's band for doing a great job modeling the jocks... But Ged ! Hmm.. How scientific is that (-8

People have been asking "What ever happend to that great guy Peter Hellier?", so we sent out Bert to see what he could find. Unfortunately, Peter has not been seen for quite some time. If you have seen Peter, could you please send us some e-mail - or leave a message in the guest book - we all want to know where he's been ??!

Have fun - see you all next week!
18th - Episode 4
Stuff coming soon!