The Loft - Series 5 28th Jan - Episode 1

Band: Skip Tracer
Guests: Fiona Scott Norman - of the Age and RRR
Toby & Janett - Hosts of the Comedy Quiz Show

4th Feb - Episode 2

Band: Libido in a bottle.
Guest Co-Host: Adrian Callear - Comedian
Stand-up Comedian: Scott Brennan.
Guest 1: John Barrefi - Director of the new film "What's Going On?"
Guest 2: Duff - Promoting great new comedy room - Pronc

Watch this week to see Kim's short video about Ticket Machines
Ged will be presenting his usual assortment of Science Stuff and Bert Kennedy will be roaming around the studio.

Visit the new comedy room - Pronc - every Sunday night at
The Nicholson Hotel
Nicholson Street

11th Feb - Episode 3

Band: Kerri Simpson's Band.
Stand-up Comedian: Dave Callan
Guest 1: Kerri Simpson.
Guest 2: Michael Allen.

18th Feb - Episode 4

Stand-up Comedian: Talbot
Guest 1: Shane Bourne.
Guest 2: Shirley Billing. - Australia's only Female Elvis Impersinator.

25th Feb - Episode 5

Band: Sek.
Stand-up Comedian: Linda Haggar
Guest 1: Rebecca Barnard.
Guest 2: Alan Brough.

4th Mar - Episode 6