Bernie Carr

      WHO IS HE ... AND WHY?

Mr Bernard Brendan Bernie Carr, that's his real name, began life in the entertainment industry at a very early age. He fell into it by accident when, at the fragile age of 3 months, his Mum tripped over and dropped him right in front of the family TV set, during "The Burt Kennedy Hour Of TV Comedy/Variety Show Tonight".

Since then, he knew somewhere, somehow, that television would be his best friend, his teacher, his lover ... his future. Since primary school age he has been active in the development of programming in this country, by way of yelling at the TV when shows look crap, not realising how inefective this would be. But then again, nobody told him did they.

It wasn't untill he was well into the 18 - 35 year age bracket that he got a real job in television. It was almost real television too, it was the ABC. Recovery had just started and it was his job to walk around with a huge eyeball on a stick making fun of famous people. Pure comic genius.

A pioneer of Ch 31 comedy, he is currently the hardest working unemployed worker in the industry. In between co-hosting the Cheese Shop on 3RRR and promising a new series of the multi award winning "Richmond 3121 Oh!", he can be seen in the lesser important role of "co-host" on Channel 31's humorous live entertainment hour, "The Loft".

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