Ged Wood

Ged Wood was born on a small diary farm in central Victoria to mild mannered parents Mick & Anne Wood. When Ged was 10 the circus came to town and Ged ran away. Not with the circus but with a mobile harvester show.
Ged was unheard of for the next 15 years as he toured rural Australia presenting the latest in crop gathering technology. This is where his presentation skills were born and blossomed.

In 1996 Ged came to the Big Smoke and when someone dropped off the heats of Raw Comedy Ged just happened to be backstage trying to sell a tractor to the lighting guy. Ged filled in and was awarded winner of Raw Comedy for 1996 in Victoria.

Since then he has left the life of harvesting behind and has been performing his own special brand of crop dusting comedy all over Melbourne and Sydney. He has been heard on RRR, JJJ, MMM and Triple X and seen on Ch31, The Comedy Channel, The ABC and through various kelidescopes.

Ged hopes to take The Loft Life into a new realm of conciousness and vows to fight anything in his way like a giant transformer robot on speed.

Other than all this Ged enjoys bushwalking, reading Captain Lollipop comics and quiet cups of tea with his friends at the 'Quiet Grove Nursing Home' where he volunteers twice a week.

Ged Wood
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