Weekly Reviews

Episode 5 - July 8

Well I reckon the catch phrase for this season of The Loft Live should be 'party, party, party!!'. It was another storming success and we even had a real reason to celebrate! It was SASCHA, the floor manager's, birthday and we decided the night couldn't go by without some mention of it. Someone managed to dig a cake from the food bin out the back, which they made look like brand new to present Sascha with at the end of the show. We even managed to programme that swirling magic ball how to say "Happy Birthday...."so it just shows what a great team we all are!

So, after our late night drinking session, it is back to the grindstone, which means this review comes to you through bleary eyes and a two-second memory span! If only the band "The Memory Man" were around to help me out with some of their great tunes to stir the brain cells. Alas, I must soldier on and tell you what went on with Dave O'Neil and Justin Smith from Rent.

Dave O'Neil told us probably more about Kate Langbroek than himself. He's a busy man, with a finger in every comedy pie in Australia, and he works with Kate Langbroek on Triple RRR's The Breakfasters everyday! I'm sure we're destined to see more of his face on the Teevee at some point. He is more famed for his work behind the scenes writing than for getting his face on screen. He does however take responsibility for the terrible level to which Full Frontal has stooped over the past few seasons, but blames lack of sleep. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt considering the hours he puts in!

A comedy pie Dave is involved loosely in at the moment is helping The Sherryls raise funds for their Edinburgh Festival tour. They introduced us to three of The Sherryls during the comedy spot on the show and it was hilarious. I've never been to Moe, but I imagine these stereotypical 'Sherryls' exist somewhere in everyone's suburban background!

Scott had some excitement this week with his chance to do a live satellite cross to Justin Smith, just as he was about to go on stage for Rent at the Comedy Theatre. He even managed to race back to the studio in time to hold a conversation with Ged and Bernie on the couch....AMAZING! Anyone would think it was pre-taped or something.

Matilda's been a bit high-strung lately and with her recent research on violence we all figured that she would have known how to control herself. Poor Ged - had his phone smashed by Matilda - but Ged should have known better than leaving it on during the show. Scott, kind enough to bring Ged a nice HOT cup of coffee, was not appreciated by Matilda - sorry Scott, but coffee really does stain. The boom op. and the floor manager, sascha, also got a mouth full... Hopefully Matilda will remember to take her medication this week.

The book 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex....but were afraid to ask', again gave us some stunning fascist statements to add fervor to another week. It was written in 1969 and it is absolutely amazing that the man who wrote this book was alive and writing during the sexual revolution. It sounds more like it is from the world of "don't play with it or it will send you blind" school of thinking.

Bernie and Ged had more couch chatter for those of us who love being couch potatoes, and that's where I'm off now....to watch some great teevee.

So stay tuned in to The Loft Live on Thursday's and if you want to send any feed back, e-mail Ged via his address at the bottom of his biography!

Episode 4 - July 1

This fourth episode of The Loft Live can only be described as 'an historical moment in Channel 31 history'. The show was amazing!

Johnny Young and his band graced us with their presence this week and were applauded throughout the night…Johnny even gave away some precious Molly Meldrum secrets during his interview with Ged. There was an atmosphere of sheer joy and excitement buzzing around the studio from the moment Johnny walked in to the studio, to the moment he left. The highlight for everyone had to be that famous song we all know and love which we couldn't go the night without! Arms were flaying and everyone was singing along at the end of the show... and tears welled in our eyes (oooooh Johnny!!!).

Back to reality though, our second guest Susan Provan from The Melbourne International Comedy Festival filled us in on the gory details of organising the annual comedy festival. You just never realise what an important part of Melbourne the Comedy Festival is until it's highlighted how much work they do throughout the year!

Matilda was away this week, but Myfanwy Warhurst stepped in with her Hollywood gossip and Scott was – as always – hilariously funny and controversial with his segment, reading from some facist dictators book on life the universe and how not to make friends!!!

As far as TV for the rest of the week, Bernie highlighted the McLibel review on Access TV (Channel 31) this weekend. It sounds ace. Large multi-national conglomerates need a little anti-publicity sometimes.

That's it for another week of The Loft Live. Again we encourage you to pop down and be a live audience member on Thursday nights. Be here for 9pm sharp!

Episode 3 - June 24

Although the show was left a bit in the dark this week (lighting problems), it was dazzling with guests and the interviews were fantastic. Ged is definitely finding his feet now we're in to the third episode of the season.

Kym Valentine, otherwise known as Libby Kennedy in Neighbours, was heaps of fun. We hope her plans to kick a few heads with her new Doc Martens doesn't get us in to trouble for giving her the idea! She looked gorgeous and now we all know that she's definitely NOT Drew's girlfriend, we'll all stop hassling her about it!

It was obvious this week that Ged was a 'bit' of a fan of the resident band "the bluehouse", as he told us a few times! But we can definitly see why! They have to go down as one of the highlights of The Loft Live. They even played their own rendition of The Neighbours theme tune when Kym entered! Fabulous!

The comedian this week was a great guy, Peter Davis. He managed to get the audience laughing at his bizarre, laconic wit…Tofu fighting could be the next big hit for Carl Douglas!! (I bet you'll have to look that one up!)

The best segment this week had to be Matilda's corruptible toys. It was definitely worth the wait after being cut short last week. For those who were watching you may be happy to know that Little Miss Nympho and Mr Sleazy managed to get it on after the show!

As usual, the audience were fantastic, and we encourage people to join in the fun on Thursday here at RMIT, Building 12, 360 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Keep watching this space!

Episode 2 - June 17

Thanks to all those people who came down to the studio this week for the second episode of the sixth season of The Loft Live.

The superb, sub-human, sounds of SubYou (featuring Paul Hornsby) kept the atmosphere high and the audience vibe was fantastic.

At The Loft Live we have a history of interviewing beautiful drag-queens and this week didn’t disappoint. Tabitha Turlington, who recently won ‘Bitch of the Year’ for her work at Three Faces, joined us to promote her appearance in a play at the Universal. “Thin Walls” begins on 24th June through to 26th July and it follows the story of two Greeks and two Aussies living next door to a ‘psychotic’ drag queen.

Those of you who watch regularly know that each week we also have a comedian or live-act on to entertain the audience. This week Ray Matsen joined us with an insight in to his world of dead grannies and border-patrols!

The regular on-screen crew was, as usual, up to some larking about. Scott was strung up with some uncomfortable harness equipment during an interview with the RMIT caving group. (What some people do for fun!???.) Our own darling, Matilda continued last weeks theme with more hilariously, funny, corruptible toys. Unfortunately, this week Matilda was cut short as the show was just too jam-packed full of stuff….so next week we’ll make up for it! Myfanwy Warhurst, a new addition to the team gave us the digusting news that John Travolta is about to launch a musical career and of course Bernie Carr mumbled on about that awful Royal Wedding caper on this weekend!

So, yet another jammed packed week is over and we can’t wait to see what next week brings. Melbourne band Bluehouse is confirmed for next week so if you want to come and join the audience be here by 9pm.

Episode 1 - June 10


Those viewers who voted with their remote this week for a fantastic new season of the show will already know that this weeks show was bloody, excellent!

Lawrence Mooney, comedian and "Denise" co-host, enlightened us about the world of chicken dinner advertising and the step in to light entertainment. We saw a side of him that the old ladies viewing 'Denise' would never see...although all efforts to crack his cool facade didn't phaze him!

The regular team were hilariously funny, with Scott Brennan bringing the precedings down to that obligatory 'spincter' joke and Matilda introducing us to some corruptable children's toys.

So after dealings with arse jokes, old-ladies and chicken dinners, we can't forget the amazing music....

The in-house band for this week were Famous Five and they were damn groovy!

Last, but certainly not least, we can't forget Abby Gee, who produces the WinterDaze rave at the docks this weekend. She told us what everyone had to look forward to and we hope it turns out to be as spectacular as it sounds!

Thanks for all those who watched the show this week. Keep watching and make sure you VOTE WITH THAT REMOTE every Thursday at 9.30pm.

A special congratulations to Ged as well for doing a great job on his first show of the season....Things can only get better from here!
Ged Wood
Scott Brennan
Matilda Donaldson
Bernie Carr