About Screened + Gleaned

Screened + Gleaned is a program which examines Melbourne's rich cinema diversity through raising awareness of various people, places and events which celebrate cinema culture in Australia. Containing a mixture of reviews, news and technology aimed at Melbourne's cinema going public, last season's guests have included the likes of Charles Tingwell, screenwriter Jan Sardi, Alice Garner and critic Paul Harris.

Screened + Gleaned began out of a growing frustration with programs such as 'The Movie Show' which focus entirely on reviewing cinema and neglect to touch upon other spheres of the medium. Screened + Gleaned is also committed to promoting cinema events in Melbourne, as well as the work of up and coming filmmakers. Screened + Gleaned is produced and presented by passionate film lovers eager to create a program which reflects their love of the screen, as well as highlighting the achievements of the Australian film industry.

Last season's segments include 'Lost In The Aisles', a review spot hosted by Nick Velisarris which looked at the neglected crappy films we love to hate such as Flash Gordan, Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo and Black Belt Jones. 'Gate and Claw', hosed by Marc Morel, examined film science and technology, and 'Release Print', presented by Nigel Malle, looked at cinema soundtracks and literature.

This season Nick turns his eye to the film locations of Melbourne with 'Celluloid Streets', a travel guide of sorts dedicated to famous film locations in and around Melbourne. Film sites to be visited include those used in Max Max, Love and Other Catastrophes, and On The Beach. Nigel cooks up a storm with 'Mise En Scene', a cinema gourmet segment which demonstrates the easiness with which you can prepare famous dishes from such films as 'Eat Drink Man Woman' and 'The Godfather', while 'Gate and Claw' continues to look at cinema technology.

Pre-Production for the second season (which airs on Channel 31 in October, 1998) has included interviews with internationally acclaimed filmmakers such as Susan Skoog, Jim Ludtke and Stefan Ruzowitsky. Other guests will include film composer David Hirschfelder, stunt coordinators Brad Allen and Siros Niaros, and director Nadia Tass.

Screened + Gleaned is produced by RMITV, a member group of Channel 31 who are regarded as having set the standard for high quality community broadcasting with programs such as Vivace, Under Melbourne Tonight and The Loft. All the cast and crew of Screened + Gleaned are volunteers. Screened + Gleaned is sponsored by Moviola, Melbourne and has fostered close relationships with such institutions as the Melbourne International Film Festival. The Age Green Guide labeled Screened + Gleaned as 'a show produced and presented with enthusiasm by people eager to share their passions....it's nice to see a real slice of Melbourne on the screen.'

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