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Victoria Hannaford
Victoria is very much a jack of all trades for film production company Lemac, with duties ranging from Marketing Coordinator to video editor. A co-creator of the highly successful Channel 31 melodrama 'Whiffy', Victoria aspires to be Australia's first talk show host ala Rickie Lake (can't you hear it? 'Go Vicky! Go Vicky!') Bringing her own special vibe to the task of hosting Screened + Gleaned, Victoria approaches her guests with as litle preparation as possible to feel 'on the edge' (she also admits that caffeine is a big help.)


Nicholas Velissaris
Nick Velissaris is a 21 year old Business Information student who lives by the philosophy that you have to see really bad films in order to appreciate the good ones. Imparial to worshipping such b-grade heroes as Bruce Campbell, Jim Kelly and Ed Wood, Nick aspires to be a start of the silver screen, and cites his greatest achievement as being kicked out of cinemas screening such notable classics as Volcano, Waterworld and Species. Born a Western suburbs boy, Nick knows Melborne like the back of his hand, and will bring the film locations to you with 'Celluloid Streets.'

Nigel Mallet
A 27 year old Media Studies student, Nigel spends his life in a film blurred haze, having proudly watched 18 films in 7 days at the last Melbourne International Film Festival. Citing books about filmmakers as a great insiration to up and coming directors like himself (and a cool way to pinch ideas), he admires the great vision of Kurosawa and the curvaceous form of Uma Thurman. A chef at a leading Melbourne restaurant, Nigel is perfectly suited to explore film cuisine in the second series of Screened + Gleaned.

Marc Morel
Screened + Gleaned's cinema technology expert is an accomplished projectionist with a penchant for cheesy telemovies. Also General Manager of RMITV, and board member of Channel 31 & RMIT Union, Marc has been a student for almost a decade. He believes projection equipment is easier to use than a sewing machine, and without the needles. A fine example of his skill as a projectionist is demonstrated by the time he clipped a few minutes from the middle of 'Aliens' and confused the hell out of the audience.

Producer Information

Kathy Charles (Series 1 + 2 Producer)
Kathy Charles is a 19 year old Media Studies student who the presenters refer to endearingly as the producer from hell. Winner of the Premier's Award for Media Studies 1996, Australian Student's Prize 1996, FAW Award for Best Play / Screenplay, and the Diegesis Student Film / Video Award for best Drama Short, Kathy is the first to admit she is a hopeless workaholic. Also Production Manager of RMITV, Kathy likes to eat and sleep in her spare time, and loves Woody Allen and Roman Polanski no matter what they get up to.

Elyssa Kowalinski (Series 1 Producer)
Studying for an Advanced Diploma in Professional Screenwriting at RMIT, Elyssa dreams of the day when the Australian film industry will return to making independent, hight concept films. A devoted worker on an number of different student films and productions, her skills range from some mean guest co-ordination to the funkiest of camera operation. Her greatest achievement thus far has been "doing lunch" in Toorak with Jackie Chan's producer, a sushi banquest that was graciously paid for by the film budget of "A Nice Guy".


Gate + Claw
Hi, I'm Marc, Screend and Gleaned's resident projectionist - only this series I won't be talking as much about projection technology, as the nuts and bolts of the production process itself. Y'know, stuff like "Why are there so many lights everywhere", and "why is the film camera in that strange boat-looking thing", or "what the blazes does the dolly-grip do?" Hopefully this will all totally demystify the making of film - which isn't terribly hard per se, there's just lots of people doing particularly specialised things - some of which we'll delve into in as much detail as Kathy allows - damn the brevity of broadcast television!

Celluloid Streets

Mise En Scene

For further information on the program contact Kathy Charles on 0411 631 064, or at

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